Trail Town Development Association is a 501c3 nonprofit dedicated to assisting with the revitalization effort of Trail Town Communities. We are here to serve the community by working with local government, businesses, individuals and other nonprofit organizations to achieve our mission.


It is our mission to support and bring business, recreation and lodging to our Trail Towns with the intention of driving tourism, creating job opportunities and incentivizing further economic development.


To transform Trail Town Communities into places where people want to live, work, visit and explore.

Why Our Mission is Important

The popularity of Cycling and Bikepacking along Rail Trails such as the Great Allegheny Passage and C&O Canal Towpath has increased every year. We believe these trails, along with a towns natural assets and proximity to other popular destinations are a means to economic growth through tourism-oriented development. Our goal is to educate others about this potential and work along side them to incentivize development in these communities. The more Trail Towns have to offer the farther people will travel to get there and the longer they will stay. In order for these goals to be met and for us to fulfill our expectations it will take a community and financial effort.

By making a donation to Trail Town Development Association you help bring positive economic changes to Trail Town Communities which are beneficial to both the tourists and local residents.

Trail Town Development is fortunate to have the vacant lot located at 505 W Crawford Avenue in Connellsville, PA donated to us. Our plan is to transform the area into a beautiful outdoor space for the community.

Once the transformation is complete we will host events to showcase local artists and businesses, and also make the space available for those interested in hosting their own gatherings or parties. All funds generated from this initiative will be allocated towards our greater mission

Our First Project!

Executive Director

Denise White



James Flynn


Vice President

Timothy Witt



Sharon Ruhe


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We are here to serve the community